What We Do

Acquisition & Development

WHPC’s Acquisitions & Development Team focuses on the acquisition of affordable residential properties, the development of new affordable housing, and the refinancing of properties currently within the WHPC portfolio. Working closely with our Executive, Asset Management, and Finance/Accounting teams, we strive to structure transactions that provide quality, long-term, affordable housing for families and seniors across Wisconsin that WHPC and its partners can be proud to be part of.

Asset Management

WHPC’s Asset management team is focused on the performance of our properties. We work in tandem with property managers to plan for needed repairs and capital improvements while limiting risk. We ensure that the properties are operating within budgeted parameters and look for opportunities to reduce operating cost and maximize rental assistance.

The Asset Management team assists the Development team by analyzing rental markets, reviewing potential acquisitions, and identifying existing properties in need of substantial rehabilitation. We identify ways to improve the quality of life for our residents and ensure the long term viability of WHPC’s affordable housing.

Construction Management

Lead partnerships with General Contractors on major capital improvement renovations and new construction projects for the portfolio.

Financial Management

WHPC’s Financial management team is focused on the well-being of our properties. A healthy home is a happy home. From keeping the lights on to shoveling the sidewalks, WHPC’s financial team works with property managers to make sure that the bills are paid on time and that WHPC properties are maintained.

The WHPC financial team works closely with investors, HUD, Rural Development, WHEDA, banks, and others to ensure that everyone has the information they need to know that WHPC properties are performing to expectations.