Resident Resources

WHPC invests in providing safe and well-maintained communities that offer unique opportunities for residents to thrive. Keeping residents housed, encouraging healthy living, and empowering residents to make advancements are important goals that we strive to achieve.

By emphasizing these goals, WHPC helps residents open doors through the following priority areas:

Health, Wellness, and Community

Health, wellness, and community are vital to our residents’ prosperity. WHPC prioritizes physical and mental health when we consider our building features. We create opportunities for social connections and link our residents to emotional support and wellness programs.

Education and Advancement

WHPC supports opportunities for individuals to flourish. Encouraging education, providing access to technology, and collaborating with community partners are ways we empower our residents to achieve their goals and make their own successes.


A stable environment is critical for individuals and families to thrive. Access to safe and affordable housing is the foundation of this. WHPC works hard to ensure our residents keep a roof over their heads and have the best possible chance to reach independence.

HUD Multi-family Service Coordinator Program

  • WHPC has 28 HUD Service Coordinators within our portfolio that connect residents with community-based services to support their stability and overall well-being
  • In 2021, the Service Coordinators provided more than 47,000 services to roughly 2,600 residents across 49 WHPC buildings

Property Amenities

  • Our properties include ADA-accessible units with features such as automatic door openers, roll-in showers, and countertops at appropriate heights
  • We provide wi-fi for residents in new construction projects and rehabilitation projects
  • Our properties are located near amenities and public transit to help promote access and mobility
  • As long-term owners of our properties, we invest in high-quality materials that are attractive, durable, and energy-efficient
  • In addition, several WHPC properties have resident community centers, which provide a variety of services, including after-school programs, food pantries/meal sites, mental health/wellness programs, and adult educational opportunities and training


WHPC values our strong partnerships that allow us to integrate services and activities that benefit our residents:

  • Salvation Army
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Horizon Housing Foundation
  • Impact 7
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Meridian Group Inc.

WHPC properties integrate services and activities to assist residents in building self-sufficiency and improving their quality of life.


Basic Amenities

Financial Empowerment

Gardening Club

Health Education

Isolation Intervention

Non-Partisan Voter Engagement

Mental and Physical Wellness

Parent and Family Support

Service Coordination

Technology and Access to Internet