Business Systems

Liz McKeon, Director of Business Systems

Jerome Buss, Business Systems Analyst

Amanda Weins, Business Systems Analyst

Arthur Walela, Business Systems Analyst

Claudia Oliveira, Assistant Business Analyst


Brian Coda, Director of Accounting

Callie Mulrooney, Controller - Corporate Accounting

Shelly Roosa, Controller - Property Accounting

Sam Zwolanek, Accounting Supervisor

Jonathan Kramer, Senior Property Accountant

Nicole Geraths, Accounts Payable Manager

Rebecca Burkeland, Property Accountant

Jacob Egger, Property Accountant

Ken Hansen, Property Accountant

Melissa Ibach, Property Accountant

Colin Murphy, Property Accountant

Brittany Volenberg, Property Accountant

Megan Waldbillig, Property Accountant

Melanie Wishart, Property Accountant

Asset Management

Nicole Perry-Besley, Assistant Vice President - Asset Management

Amy Meyer, Senior Asset Manager

Joseph Hankes, Senior Asset Manager

Tom Stanton, Senior Asset Manager

Leah Wells, Asset Manager

Mou Vang, Asset Manager


Matt Childress, Development & Acquisitions Manager

Megan Walela, Development & Acquisitions Manager

Mark Van Den Broeke, Construction Manager

Lisa MacDonald, Construction Analyst

Ben Buschmann, Construction Quality Control Supervisor

Lindsay Gant, Director of Social Services

Executive Team

Mary Wright, President

Mike Slavish, Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Carpenter, Chief Financial Officer

Lee Ferderer, Vice President & General Counsel

Brenda Levin, Administrative & Marketing Coordinator