Resident Services and Activities

In addition to providing high-quality and affordable housing to its residents, WHPC offers services and activities to assist individuals and families in building self-sufficiency and improving their quality of life. Many of these support services and activities are provided through onsite community centers and our community partners who are experts in their fields.



WHPC’s properties have amenities that exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure those with mobility limitations have greater freedom, safety, and comfort.

Basic Amenities

For a family or an individual in crisis, it can be difficult to obtain basic needs, such as household items, food, and personal hygiene items. WHPC strives to create and maintain local partnerships with organizations that can help when it’s needed most.

Financial Empowerment

WHPC engages with organizations and programs that offer opportunities for residents to learn about finances, credit repairing, budgeting, checking/savings accounts, and much more.

Gardening Club

With several properties having established gardens and raised garden beds, WHPC supports residents who are interested in gardening or learning about gardening. This has been immensely successful in helping residents with socialization, mental health, and a growing sense of pride for their homes.

Health Education

In partnership with the service coordinator team, WHPC offers education on various health topics, such as, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, Brain Health, Food and Nutrition, Vision/Hearing Screenings, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Smoking Cessation, and Substance Abuse.

Isolation Intervention

Many of WHPC’s properties have community rooms or gathering places for residents to congregate to watch TV, participate in programs, play cards or other games, celebrate holidays/birthdays, and socialize. These opportunities help combat isolation and create a sense of community amongst the residents.

Non-Partisan Voter Engagement

WHPC is committed to helping residents accomplish their civic engagement. We work in conjunction with partners so residents can receive non-partisan voter information, locations of polling places, absentee ballots, and information about voter registration.

Mental and Physical Wellness

Many of WHPC’s communities have fitness equipment and exercise facilities to allow residents to focus on their physical and mental well-being. Our service coordinator team also offers specialized services, such as, walking club, art therapy, yoga/meditation classes, and chair exercises.

Parent and Family Support

Through our many partnerships and onsite community centers, WHPC can support parents and families by providing youth programming, backpacks and school supplies, meals, and parenting classes.

Service Coordination

WHPC is committed to having service coordinators at our properties to support seniors and individuals with disabilities. Service Coordinators work one-on-one with residents offering services, such as, benefit enrollment, transportation resources, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, home management, and healthcare.

Technology and Access to Internet

Access to reliable internet and technology is vital for individuals to stay connected and have access to outside services. WHPC aims to provide internet and options for technology for residents within our communities.