Villa West

Villa West Apartments

Villa West is an independent-living housing complex located in Green Bay and is federally subsidized through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Rents for 169 of the Villa West’s 170 units are subsidized by the HAP contract for individuals making 30-50 percent of the area median income (AMI).

Over 60 percent of the residents living at Villa West are adults with a disability or handicap and 39 percent of the units are occupied by seniors ages 62 and over. Although the requirement to live at Villa West is age 62 or older, the rental assistance that is attached to those units provides an exemption for younger adults with disabilities.

The complex is nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood with expansive green space and mature trees. It is an active community with stores, restaurants, and schools nearby.

Eleven two-story buildings house 169 one-bedroom units with 21 separate addresses and entryways. Each building has access to laundry facilities. All structures have brick facades, and several parking lots are near the residents’ complexes.

There is a separate single-story structure containing the manager’s office, a community room, a banquet/meeting room, and a two-bedroom apartment. The community room features lounge furniture, bookcases, tables, chairs, and kitchen. The banquet/meeting room is designed for larger gatherings where residents can hold meetings or events. Concrete patio space situated outside the community room features outdoor furniture and barbecue grill. An expanse of lush green lawns and a variety of trees surround the landscape. WHPC has contracted with ACC Management to manage the Villa West property.

Affordable housing can help rent-burdened people build a future for themselves and their families. True to its mission, WHPC will continue to acquire Section 8 housing to preserve and reposition quality housing for the long-term benefit of its residents.